Holiday Gift Guide 2010

7 Dec

Make something!

A Proenza-Schouler Necklace for your BFFBestie

Pom Pom wreath for your Grams
(see previous post)

Monogrammed (or any decoration of your choosing) Tom Collins glasses for your bro, or a mug for your Dad.

Psychedelic Coasters for all your friends


Pom pom wreath!

1 Dec

I saw this gorgeous colorful wreath of felted balls here:
It stuck in my mind and I took a trip out to Michael’s in Queens, where I picked up a straw wreath and a few packages of multi-colored pom poms. Many rods of hot glue later I had a super-colorful, 70s feeling holiday wreath! It was so pretty I put it up before Thanksgiving!

Here is the finished product:

Happy Thanksgiving!

29 Nov

Brooklyn Pie Bake-Off

29 Nov

My charming friend Bethel convinced me to take part in this year’s Brooklyn Pie Bake-off. After a few dry runs we submitted our pies: mine was Maple Buttermilk , with candied bacon and this crust.
Bethel made her famous chocolate chip pie with a twist: macadamia nuts and white chocolate chips.
Sadly neither of us won – but we had a great time! The event was super-crowded and we could barely even get to the pie. Luckily, however, we could easily reach the Brooklyn Pumpkin Ale.

Maple Dream Pie:

White & Dark Chocolate Chip Pie with Macadamia Nuts:


Di Fara’s – Lives up to the hype

29 Sep

Last week Jay, Diego, and I travelled down to Midwood, Brooklyn to sample Di Fara’s famed pizza. And it was really good!
We went on Wednesday, and arrived around 11:20. We were the only people waiting until about 11:45, when some more “pizza tourists” and some regulars showed up. Upon entering once they opened at noon, we ordered a regular pie and were presented with one fresh out the oven – no waiting! The pie was flavorful with plenty of fresh basil and a healthy sprinkling of freshly shaved parmesan. What makes Di Fara’s so special is that Dom DeMarco, the owner, makes (or oversees the making of) each pie himself. Here is some additional information from Slice:

This pizza is some of the best I have had – up there with Pizzeria Regina in Boston (original location only please).

life lessons

16 Sep

This past spring I escaped the doldrums of office and city life and took off on a two-month long adventure in South East Asia. It was not a spur of the moment decision, but the culmination of years of penny-pinching, dreaming, and planning. I am not one to skirt responsibility, and have worked since junior high. But after paying off my high-interest student loan debt, it was time to take the trip I might not be able to take once I am older and have a family and mortgage. Leaving the job I had had for almost six years with the future entirely unclear was frightening and exhilarating.
There were amazing sights, culinary delights, and cultural experiences I could not have anticipated. The perspective I gained was based equally on both these new experiences and also being separated from what was “normal” to me. Now that I was enjoying each moment of the day (as opposed to counting down the minutes) I realized how short life truly is. How cheesy does that sound?
The thing is – for months and months before we took off, looking forward to the trip was the only thing keeping me sane. This was how I functioned – always looking forward to the next vacation, long weekend, or weekend. When our trip was drawing to a close I started to get so depressed – what was there to look forward to? This gnawed at me for weeks, sticking in my mind through our return. I had to change the way my mind worked and enjoy each day, and stop trying to race through life. If you fill each day with things you enjoy doing (or fill your spare time outside of work), you will feel energized.
And speaking of work, now more than ever I want everyone in my life to be doing something they enjoy, if not something they are passionate about. Wasting your days toiling away at a job you despise is just unacceptable! You come home completely drained from hating your life all day, and you are too burnt out to look for something else. Years go by. If you have a dream to start your own business or go back to school – do it now! No one is coming along to save you and you are not going to win the lottery. Take steps towards freeing yourself and living the life you dream about. Why not? Even if you fail horrible you will be happier than if you never tried. And you are not getting any younger.
This is all so trite and I do apologize for that. But its true!

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some photos from our asia trip

16 Sep

Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam
The full set here: